Friday, 15 June 2012

Bracegirdles At 190 - Chocolate Cafe

While I was in Adelaide I had to check out this cafe! My aunty and cousin told me about it and once I heard chocolate cafe I was excited ^.^ I love desserts so I had to have something sweet, I chose Belgain Waffle served with fresh strawberries, liquid Belgian chocolate & vanilla icecream. It was DELICIOUS! The chocolate was so pure and everything just went together and it was delightful. I would love to go back! I can't comment on the service because I didn't personally order or anything but the servers seemed nice.

Heres the menu

CROISSANT - with belgian chocolate

Also ordered an ICED CHOCOLATE <3 it was yummy! tastes so refreshing and  I feel like one right now ;_;

BELGIAN WAFFLE - served with fresh strawberries, liquid Belgian chocolate & vanilla icecream

VINTAGE BREAKFAST - Free Range Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Slow Roasted Tomato, Chipolata Sausages and a Kangaroo Island Haloumi, Hash Brown on Ciabatta toast
I would definitely go back there! The food was fantastic! Next time I will go for savoury but knowing me I will definitely get something sweet as well ^,^ Okay.. I'm hungry ;_;


  1. Everything looks so good! I'm really craving for some breakfast food right now :)

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I hope you'll stop by again soon!

    1. It was so yummy, I'm hungry again :3
      Your welcome, thanks for the comment ^^

  2. wow look truly trully yummy big big big time.

  3. OMMGGGG, the food looks so delicious!!! *0*
    I'm so hungry now, haha~! >W<
    I wanna go to a choco cafe too now! ^^

    1. IT was SOO delicious! You must try :3
      Same. I feel hungry again.
      YES go CHOCO CAFE!! ^^
      thanks for commenting :)

  4. Oh My GGG! you have seriously made my tummy rumble this morning..I wish I had a place like that to nom on around the corner:D! Great pics..aww your Rilkkauma bag from Ebay is soooooo cute:D!!

    Have a lovely day
    Love Pixie

    1. Awww thanks! You have a lovely day too
      thanks for commenting :) ^__^

  5. Craving for food's all ur fault!! LOL, jk =)


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