Friday, 19 October 2012

Kiwiyo Visit!~

OH yeaaaah look at this BABY!~ <3 lol

Heres some photos of a visit to KiwiYo (Mission Bay)

Look at my creation! Isn't she a beauty? Lol :3
Anyways if you're ever in that area you should definitely check it out and make your own! ^__^ Mine always turn out huge and if you're wondering how much it cost it was about $13. My cousins cost just over $5 so if you don't want to spend much go for a small or medium size.

Me with my beautiful creation XD and my good ol' trusty card

Us with our loves lol. (My cousin Eve & Me)

Another view of my darling

Eves creation. She loves cherries!

Least favourite flavour.. I can't remember? Was it cherry? Cherrys okay
Favourite - the Chocolates nice!~ I'll have to go back and have another taste test :3

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