Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Random Haul!

It was the holidays! But now the kids are back at school. LOL poor them! Anyways heres a haul of a trip to the mall.

This was delicious! From Wendy's Supa Sundaes~ Sour Smash Bitz (Bros) & Pineapple Chunk Bitz (Mine)

Hello Kitty Stamps ($3) & Gift Tag ($2)~

I always get this shade for my nana~ She loves the colour! I think its called Electric Blue ($3)

Birthday cards for my brothers friends. #OCTOBER BABIES UNITE YEAH! lol. And a bunch of postcards for my penpals and friends

Kawaii tape ($2), Charms, Keychain & a Glue Stick ($2)

I love bananas! And this is a perfect birthday card for me so I bought it :P ($4)

My birthday was on the 7th of October ^^
My brothers is tomorrow (17th)
My aunties was yesterday (15th)
and my oldest brothers was on the 2nd
One of my best friends is a day before mine (6th)
and another is on the 10th..
and yeah.. theres more.
October is a busy busy month!~


  1. I love the stuff you got for your self and others.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! This stuff is so cute :)


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