Friday, 21 December 2012

Hair Inspiration - SNSD's Hyoyeon

My brother posts me this picture on my facebook page.. Immediately I fall in love! <3 


It looks amaze & awesome! 
Haha I'd love to have my hair like that!
What are your thoughts/opinions?
If you don't know who this is, this is Hyoyeon. A member of a girls group called Girls' Generation/SNSD. Shes the main dancer~ youtube them! ^__^ So excited about their comeback on New Years <3 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Wishlist!~ (◕‿◕✿)

Since its the holiday season and everyone has their wishlist posted I thought I'd do mine. A lot of my wishlist is things that I would love and also items that are travel-related as I want to go on a big OE!<3 (overseas experience) Funny thing is I'm so excited about going even though I haven't even started saving hahahaha -_- Hope you enjoy this entry guys! 

Heres my wishlist on amazon.

Shinee Maypole T-Shirt - pssht I have Minhos shirt!


Clothes (mostly kpop) 

B.A.P BABY Crewneck from replayreplay
Girls' Generation Shirt from hellaheadbomb

f(x) Electric Shock Sweatshirt from fyzzed 

I love Rilakkuma! So this kigurumi is perf <3 You can find  it on ebay or amazon. Ebay would be cheaper though so its up to you however the amazon one will be of higher quality and original. I can just imagine sleeping all snug in this aaawwwww (:
  • A letterman jacket or denim leather jacket!
  • Pleated maxi skirts! Or just maxi skirts. Its summer here <3 finally and the weather is getting hotter. Which means no jeans, need to shave legs lol, strawberries are in (whoopee!), icecream, beach, swimming! #summerlove
  • Shoes~ sneakers/trainers. Travel sturdy shoes haha
  • S.T.A.R.S Shirt (Resident Evil)~
I'll round off the clothing list there.

Now for technology!~

A decent phone with a great camera and wifi capable! 

Doesn't have to be an iphone or samsung galaxy but I just love how the customization is for the cases! ^__^  Decoden cases woooah :3 

Kawaii Rilakkuma Decoden Case for iPhone 4/4S

Basically I want a phone that I can use overseas as well~ so it needs wi-fi/internet. 

and the extras would be 

- camera
- fun apps/games
- converters/calculator/currency's
- maps
- music player

  • A laptop! I don't really mind what brand just as long as it works and it has wi-fi! lol or netbook so its light and doesn't give me a sore shoulder 
  • Definitely need an external hard drive! At least 1tb - so many photos & videos that I need to store away and organize so its tidy. USB powered as well so I can easily use it at the library or at university.

More info about this here 

  • DSLR camera. Yupyup! Capable of taking amaze hq breathtakingly stunning pictures. I'm not very knowledgeable about brands or lenses but I love taking photos! And I love capturing memories in a shot. Soooo peeps that do have DSLR cams - what model do you have and what lenses?
  • FFX HD! Waiting for this to release! 
  • iPod or Music Player - to motivate and uplift!
  • Iris - Korean Drama on DVD or Blu-ray
  • To The Beautiful you - Korean Drama on DVD or Blu-ray
  • Pokemon Indigo League: Season One - Part 3
  • PS3 controllers. Don't know how many we've been through but yup.. Always end up breaking lol
  • Big screen TV ^__^
Beauty! alrighty..

  • I've always wanted to try Mane N Tail! Because I've read so much about it on the net. However shipping has always prevented me from buying it ;__; Shipping to NZ is sooo expensive!
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle - I've been trying to find this online.. Not much luck. 
  • Tresemme Split End range
  • Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Oil - I love coconut oil! Its good for your skin, hair and it smells so nice! 
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Apparently this is excellent for hair growth so I want to check it out
  • Crest Whitening Strips


Neapolitan Messenger Bag
Neopolitan Messenger Bag from the Sugar Bunny Shop
  • Satchel bag - strong/sturdy, can fit a lot of books in
  • Textbooks - You know how expensive textbooks can be sigh it goes into the $$$'s. I'll need a student loan for this.
  • Stationery - Refills, books, pens, highlighters - all that jazz to make things easier
  • Books: What Every BODY is saying - Joe Navarro
  • Japanese and Korean textbooks

  • A job! Parttime. 
  • Money to start off my savings!
  • Glasses! at least 2 pairs. First ones got worn out, second pair I stood on before I watched monkey smells hand (lol.. yeah) and the 3rd pair I slipped on >.< so I'm partially blind at the moment. (this ones urgent and is more of a need than a want)
  • Luggage/suitcase set (I want something apart from black so I can spot it more easily)
  • Maps of the US
  • Shelves/bookcases
  • Plastic Drawers
  • Mirror
  • Dresser

BIG wish..

  • A CAR! ta da! :D
An even BIGGER wish is..

  • Air flights overseas! (South Korea or the US) hehehe. For at least a month woohoo. Need to start saving! Accommodation, food, souvenirs, etc

Uhhhm I think thats it. I know this is a huge list but this is basically for the whole of next year..
I need to fundraise or something majorly if I want this to happen!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

SHINee World T-Shirt (Minho)

Photospam of me. Heh.. Sorry >.<
I love this shirt! I got a size L and it fits nicely. Minho is my bias in SHINee so I just had to get it! Orange isn't really a colour I'd wear and this is probably the only orange piece of clothing I have lol. I got this shirt from koreapopfan for $17.99us~ 

Psst. Also I was really tired & lacking sleep. You can probably tell haha~ 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Random Update/Haul from the Mall lol

Snail mail for a friend in Korea ^^

Hope you like everything!~


mhmm. tragic face. I know I know. Lol. 

I love this mirror! Its cute! Panda~

It opens up like this ^__^

Theres the packet that the mirror came in and it has a cute little heart with shavings ehehe reminds me of a farm lol. R.I.P yellow controller ;__; I have no idea how many controllers we've been through. SIGH..

BOA - Botanics of Australia! their products are fantastic! I found them at KMart and was shocked at the prices; only $3ea! I've tried the face cream and mask and I love it. Since then I've purchased the serum and toner~ I have to write a post on this :) I love ittttt~

- BOA products - protective face cream SPF 15 & detoxifying mask.
- Panda Mirror
- Butter Chicken w/Rice & Naan Bread nom nom nom!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Perfect Strawberry & Banana Summer Shakes! ♡

My wonderful mother made this for me and my bros the other day.
A quick and easy recipe made up on the spot! ♡


Bananas, Strawberries (or any fruit/s you want)
Icecream (any flavours, ours was made with cookies and cream and vanilla)

Simple right?!

Simply put icecream or fruit in and layer it however you want
Add the milk
Top off with your fav fruit/toppings~
WA LAAA enjoy! ^__^


Add chocolate, sauces, etc!
Instead of milk you could use your fav juice! e.g OJ, apple juice. Even coke if you want 


Nows a good time to make another one :3
Cookies & Cream (I don't like C&C that much but its alright~ I'll still eat it muahahha)

Snacks and whatnot..

I just had to buy this! I love Rilakkuma and I kept the container afterwards as a pencil holder! I love Lim Mart haha 

Pocky mmm can never go wrong with Pocky! with some Doraemon gum and Chokito~

I've decided I'm going to do a review on this lip gloss. Its incredible! And I got it for only $2 

Best Grape soda ever. You must try it! Check out the asian section in your supermarket

Pringles and Mogu Mogu Grape Juice!

CHOCO PIE YOU MUST TRY! before you die. kekekeke ;D

And lastly heres some combs ($3), tinting brush ($3) and tweezers ($5)


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