Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Wishlist!~ (◕‿◕✿)

Since its the holiday season and everyone has their wishlist posted I thought I'd do mine. A lot of my wishlist is things that I would love and also items that are travel-related as I want to go on a big OE!<3 (overseas experience) Funny thing is I'm so excited about going even though I haven't even started saving hahahaha -_- Hope you enjoy this entry guys! 

Heres my wishlist on amazon.

Shinee Maypole T-Shirt - pssht I have Minhos shirt!


Clothes (mostly kpop) 

B.A.P BABY Crewneck from replayreplay
Girls' Generation Shirt from hellaheadbomb

f(x) Electric Shock Sweatshirt from fyzzed 

I love Rilakkuma! So this kigurumi is perf <3 You can find  it on ebay or amazon. Ebay would be cheaper though so its up to you however the amazon one will be of higher quality and original. I can just imagine sleeping all snug in this aaawwwww (:
  • A letterman jacket or denim leather jacket!
  • Pleated maxi skirts! Or just maxi skirts. Its summer here <3 finally and the weather is getting hotter. Which means no jeans, need to shave legs lol, strawberries are in (whoopee!), icecream, beach, swimming! #summerlove
  • Shoes~ sneakers/trainers. Travel sturdy shoes haha
  • S.T.A.R.S Shirt (Resident Evil)~
I'll round off the clothing list there.

Now for technology!~

A decent phone with a great camera and wifi capable! 

Doesn't have to be an iphone or samsung galaxy but I just love how the customization is for the cases! ^__^  Decoden cases woooah :3 

Kawaii Rilakkuma Decoden Case for iPhone 4/4S

Basically I want a phone that I can use overseas as well~ so it needs wi-fi/internet. 

and the extras would be 

- camera
- fun apps/games
- converters/calculator/currency's
- maps
- music player

  • A laptop! I don't really mind what brand just as long as it works and it has wi-fi! lol or netbook so its light and doesn't give me a sore shoulder 
  • Definitely need an external hard drive! At least 1tb - so many photos & videos that I need to store away and organize so its tidy. USB powered as well so I can easily use it at the library or at university.

More info about this here 

  • DSLR camera. Yupyup! Capable of taking amaze hq breathtakingly stunning pictures. I'm not very knowledgeable about brands or lenses but I love taking photos! And I love capturing memories in a shot. Soooo peeps that do have DSLR cams - what model do you have and what lenses?
  • FFX HD! Waiting for this to release! 
  • iPod or Music Player - to motivate and uplift!
  • Iris - Korean Drama on DVD or Blu-ray
  • To The Beautiful you - Korean Drama on DVD or Blu-ray
  • Pokemon Indigo League: Season One - Part 3
  • PS3 controllers. Don't know how many we've been through but yup.. Always end up breaking lol
  • Big screen TV ^__^
Beauty! alrighty..

  • I've always wanted to try Mane N Tail! Because I've read so much about it on the net. However shipping has always prevented me from buying it ;__; Shipping to NZ is sooo expensive!
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle - I've been trying to find this online.. Not much luck. 
  • Tresemme Split End range
  • Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Oil - I love coconut oil! Its good for your skin, hair and it smells so nice! 
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Apparently this is excellent for hair growth so I want to check it out
  • Crest Whitening Strips


Neapolitan Messenger Bag
Neopolitan Messenger Bag from the Sugar Bunny Shop
  • Satchel bag - strong/sturdy, can fit a lot of books in
  • Textbooks - You know how expensive textbooks can be sigh it goes into the $$$'s. I'll need a student loan for this.
  • Stationery - Refills, books, pens, highlighters - all that jazz to make things easier
  • Books: What Every BODY is saying - Joe Navarro
  • Japanese and Korean textbooks

  • A job! Parttime. 
  • Money to start off my savings!
  • Glasses! at least 2 pairs. First ones got worn out, second pair I stood on before I watched monkey smells hand (lol.. yeah) and the 3rd pair I slipped on >.< so I'm partially blind at the moment. (this ones urgent and is more of a need than a want)
  • Luggage/suitcase set (I want something apart from black so I can spot it more easily)
  • Maps of the US
  • Shelves/bookcases
  • Plastic Drawers
  • Mirror
  • Dresser

BIG wish..

  • A CAR! ta da! :D
An even BIGGER wish is..

  • Air flights overseas! (South Korea or the US) hehehe. For at least a month woohoo. Need to start saving! Accommodation, food, souvenirs, etc

Uhhhm I think thats it. I know this is a huge list but this is basically for the whole of next year..
I need to fundraise or something majorly if I want this to happen!


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