Thursday, 6 December 2012

Perfect Strawberry & Banana Summer Shakes! ♡

My wonderful mother made this for me and my bros the other day.
A quick and easy recipe made up on the spot! ♡


Bananas, Strawberries (or any fruit/s you want)
Icecream (any flavours, ours was made with cookies and cream and vanilla)

Simple right?!

Simply put icecream or fruit in and layer it however you want
Add the milk
Top off with your fav fruit/toppings~
WA LAAA enjoy! ^__^


Add chocolate, sauces, etc!
Instead of milk you could use your fav juice! e.g OJ, apple juice. Even coke if you want 


Nows a good time to make another one :3
Cookies & Cream (I don't like C&C that much but its alright~ I'll still eat it muahahha)

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