Monday, 17 December 2012

Random Update/Haul from the Mall lol

Snail mail for a friend in Korea ^^

Hope you like everything!~


mhmm. tragic face. I know I know. Lol. 

I love this mirror! Its cute! Panda~

It opens up like this ^__^

Theres the packet that the mirror came in and it has a cute little heart with shavings ehehe reminds me of a farm lol. R.I.P yellow controller ;__; I have no idea how many controllers we've been through. SIGH..

BOA - Botanics of Australia! their products are fantastic! I found them at KMart and was shocked at the prices; only $3ea! I've tried the face cream and mask and I love it. Since then I've purchased the serum and toner~ I have to write a post on this :) I love ittttt~

- BOA products - protective face cream SPF 15 & detoxifying mask.
- Panda Mirror
- Butter Chicken w/Rice & Naan Bread nom nom nom!


  1. Wow really amazing pretty lovely nice. I am happy you found someone.

    1. Awww thank you^^
      Well it was our birthdays in October and I thought why don't we send packages? :)
      Happy Holidays!


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