Monday, 7 January 2013

My new Rilakkuma Wallet!

YAY my package~ I love mail!

Came all nicely wrapped up & packaged~
Freebies! Stickers and a cute bookmark~

Only one con.. that tiny dent on the back! But it adds character I suppose haha. 

Rilakkuma! Awwwww~

Heres the inside! Slots and a cute card inside :)

Polka dot interior! Super! <3

Heres the zipper for coins, etc~

Need to organize and sort out everything for Rila <3 

Twins. Best friends. Love :3
Hello everyone!
I'm a lover of Rilakkuma if you haven't noticed :) 

Recently I bought a wallet from lleren
Ahhh its perf! Everything about it is excellente` 
The interior is yellow which is my favourite colour and theres a lot of slots which is very useful because I have a lot of cards kekeke. Only one con about the wallet is that there was a small dent on the back but thats no biggie really! 
Goes with my Rilakkuma bag awwww <3


  1. Wow really really cute kawaii. I am happy that you got a new wallet and it was something you really love. I never knew you loved Rilakkuma. I knew a shop where I can get 3-4 different types of Rilakkuma wallets. But I want the Panda wallet even if I love Rilakkuma.

  2. OMG! SUPER CUTE~~~~ =)

    Came to your blog when I was searching for rilakkuma wallets.

    I love rilakkuma!


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