Saturday, 12 January 2013

Yoghurt Story Visit!~

During my visit to the city I decided to stop by and try out Yoghurt Story! ^__^
I always make a LARGE cup and I tried every flavour they had. My favourite was the Mango (devine) and my least favourite was the chocolate because I didn't really like the taste..
If you make a big one like me it will be pricey. This cup cost me about $17~ 
Topped with wafers, lollies,fruit & sauces~ I loved it! And I would definitely go back. 
But since I'm saving moolah I will make a much smaller cup. Haha

Still more posts to come! I'm trying to keep my blog active and also create more interesting posts, so if you have any requests/questions message me ^^

  Catch you later!~ 


Thank you for checking out my blog~! ^^ I really appreciate it ♥


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