Monday, 25 February 2013

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Liquid Chalk Markers ☆ Study Aid! + language learning tips

Liquid Chalk Markers from DAISO and Jumbo Chalk Marker from Smiggle

From DAISO you can get 3 items for $10 or 1 for $3.50. I forgot how much the jumbo chalk marker is.. I think its about $10. I love these markers! You can write on your mirror or window and you can just wipe it off! I was at the DAISO store on Queen Street and it caught my eye. I was thinking that it would be great for practicing and learning Japanese. And boy it was so helpful! When learning another language you definitely need to put in the time and effort. Repeatedly writing out the alphabet aided me in memorizing. Also if you get at least two colours you can colour-code it or do it however you want.

My window with Hiragana.. I miss Jap class! TT.TT Sensei.. 

What I found the markers good for:

  • Learning another language e.g - practicing and learning Hiragana
  • Reminders: Birthdays, Appointments, etc
  • Writing something positive on your window e.g - Positive affirmation, fav quote, lyrics
  • Drawing~
  • To-do list, shopping list 
  • Creating a mural (take a photo before it goes!)
  • And any other uses I may of forgotten lol..

Hiragana Playing Cards from DAISO
EXTRA: I was studying Japanese in semester 1 of last year; these cards are a great help ^^ Play games like memory, snap, go fish, last card, etc or create your own flash cards. I also created cards and colour co-ordinated it for example the first line would be pink, second - blue and so on. Put them in random spots in the house and memorize :3 Remember practice, practice, practice~ Repetition! ^^ I wish you all the best with your studies and future endeavors~! You can do it ;D Uni uni uni monday monday monday... Sigh :P

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Autumn Wishlist! ★

Heres my wishlist for autumn.. leading to winter! Oh boy haha I am weirdly looking forward to the cold..

Dr. Martens 1460 W 8 Eye Boot Victorian Flowers US $116.95 from shoebuy

Hehe this is completely out of my price range BUT isn't it lovely?! I want to get a pair of Dr. Martens as they're long-lasting and sturdy! 

Title #0
Winged Baby Blue and Pink Sid Backpack from LostMannequin - $50.00
I love angel wings! <3 aaaah and I love the design and colours of this backpack! The buckles and the tassles adds to the wings~ Its so my style ^__^ The detailing and everything overall is nice and goes well together

Labyrinth Of Love Cape Dress

Labyrinth Of Love Cape Dress

Amorette - Labyrinth Of Love Cape Dress - $215 ($129 @ stylemesavy)
I first saw this dress on NZSALE and I just loved the design! I've never seen a dress like this before nor have I seen anyone dress anything like it. The cape is like having your own pair of wings ^,^ I regret not buying this when I had the chance ;__;  For autumn/winter I'll probably wear them with tights/stockings and comfy shoes; maybe flats or boots!

Denim & Faux Leather Jacket - $27.80 from Forever 21
I first saw this a few months ago when I was browsing through tumblr and blogspot. I think that its a great staple piece to add to your wardrobe! It can go with anything really and the price is reasonable and cheap compared to other jackets that go into your $100's.

Watson Scarf in Dazzling Blue - $12.95 from Cotton On
When I think of autumn I think of a cosy scarf to wrap around~ This is perf for when I'm on the go and also need to cover up stains I've made during restaurant visits kekekeke

Pinned Image

F&F Sequin beret - £3.00

The cheapest item on this list! Aren't berets are so cute?! And this one has sequins, I can just picture myself wearing this on a chilly, windy day. Black is the main colour of my clothes, I have a lot of black cardigans haha ^__^ Hey can't help it, its very versatile and its slimming lol

And that rounds it up. Time to get ready for uni prep, clean, organize, exercise aha. Peace~! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


OPI Katy Perry Collection - Not Like the Movies
Lol my bare face hello :P

I like this polish! Its funky ^__^ and the colour slightly changes with the lighting. 

Whats your fav nail polish brand and shade?

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ MIKI Brand - Perfect for low budget~!

I need to get the shade numbers.. Lol.. I'll edit soon!

If you're on a budget like me *kekeke* then these nail polishes are for you! ^__^ I love the colours its like a pretty pastel summer! Only $3ea at your pharmacy and I'm sure they also have them available in Australia. I highly recommend their lip balms! Same price as the nail polishes~ I like them better than Maybelline Baby Lips because they're cheaper, more moisturizing and more product! I've also tried the mascara and I use it as my mascara primer lol. I put it on my lashes before I use Maybelline Colossal and it works great together because with MIKI's mascara wand its easy to get every lash without making a smudgy mess and it doesn't clump. So grab these next time you're out & about! Let me know what you think :) 

I admire my lil doodling ^.^

I had the red polish on my toes

Heres a closer swatch but its not completely accurate as I had an old layer of polish underneath and I was too lazy  to remove it so I just went over it >.< So the colour is right but thats not how the formula turns out. The 2nd picture is accurate though :) I find the formula thinner than others and quick-drying.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Strawberry L♥VE! Strawberry Icecream & Strawberry Yoghurt Mask~

If you're ever out South Auckland(Mangere) definitely check out the Strawberry farm! So deliciously fresh and the icecreams are devine! Really large servings for only $3 - check my cone out! 

I can't wait to visit again!~ Best strawberry icecream ever, hands down! NOM NOM NOM!

Heres the Strawberry mask I tried last night, the brand is Vedette (which I believe is a Vietnamese brand ^__^) its for all skin types and it smells nice and sweet! This is the first time I've ever used a mask and I really enjoyed the process even looking like a ghost haha :) Since its hot at the moment I put it in the fridge for a while which made the mask so cool & refreshing aaaaaah. I got this at Reduced to Clear for $2! So cheap, if I ever go back there I'm getting at least 5 muahahaha. Overall I love this mask and afterwards my skin felt very clean and energized. Woo woo woo! I'm now looking into trying other products from Vedette. I can't think of anything negative to say..

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentines Day Tag ♥


  • 1. Which is your favorite valentine's day treat, sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries?

--- Sweethearts? We don't have that here. I'm guessing its those small candy hearts with sayings on them? I go for Chocolate covered strawberries YUM! 

  • 2. What was your favorite favourite valentine's day memory?
--- Well.. I've never celebrated it. And I don't really know anyone who does XD Other than chocolates and whatnot.

  • 3. Twilight or Harry Potter valentine's?
--- Oh.. Both although I'm not really a fan of either.

  • 4. What celeb would you not mind having as your valentine?

--- Donghae from Super Junior 
  • 5. Do you have a special someone to celebrate valentine's day with?
--- My familia~ is that sad? lol

  • 6. Which restaurant would you prefer for a valentines date, Cheese Cake Factory or Ruby's?

--- We don't have those restaurants here :( But since it has cheese cake in the name I'll go with CCF :P

  • 7. Red or Pink lips on valentine's day?

--- Red for a more bold look and pink for a more soft look.. So depends!

  • 8. Dress or cute top to wear on a valentine's day date?
--- A dress :) Something soft, feminine and romantic

  • 9. Perfect date dinner and movie or dinner and walk on the beach?
--- Dinner and walk on the beach definitely. I love the beach!
  • 10. Hair up or hair down for valentine's day date?

--- Down! Curls out :D
      And there goes the Valentines tag xD sayonara~

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hair Growth Acceleration?! I wish :)


I finally got my laptop repaired! After getting all my data back, I need to organize everything again. I'm so glad to be reunited! Reunited and it feels so GOOOOOOD XD Reminiscing and looking at the photos from last year makes me miss my long hair. Patience, patience. I'm obsessed with cutting split ends. They are evil and they must perish! Did a search and destroy yesterday and I found about 5 (I'm sure it was 5 or around that number) so I'm happy with my hairs health! My hair saviour has to be coconut oil! It nurtures and seals; especially my ends (they're dry naturally.. sigh the downfall of having curly hair). I've been taking hair, skin & nail vitamins but I can't stand the taste and the size. I prefer taking biotin so I'll probably go back to taking that if I can get my hands on another bottle.  Hoping to get waist length by my 21st birthday! (October 7th) Well enough rambling, catch you guys later :)

Before the big chop..
^__^ in Australia~ do you like my outfit?

Rebekah!~ image

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Twisted Rope Braid!~


Heres the twisted rope braid! Thank you Sarah ^.^ ~
And also the current length of my hair.. Not that long but getting closer to my goal (: if you want to try this hairstyle simply search on youtube and try it out!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Kpop fans?

Any Kpop fans out there?

I'm an admin of some facebook groups and I would appreciate if you would like it ^^ we are building up our fanbase and it would help heaps :)

Bring Girls Generation (SNSD) to New Zealand

My favourite pairing - YoonTae ^^
Bias - YoonA & Taeyeon! 
Fav songs - Echo, Complete, Lazy Girl & moreeee~

Bring B.A.P (Best.Absolute.Perfect) to New Zealand

My bias is Himchan!
My fav songs are Rain Sound and No Mercy!

Awww so cute :3

Bias: Hyosung!
My fav songs are Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight!

extra: if you have tumblr feel free to check out my kpop blog here~

Happy February guys! 


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