Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hair Growth Acceleration?! I wish :)


I finally got my laptop repaired! After getting all my data back, I need to organize everything again. I'm so glad to be reunited! Reunited and it feels so GOOOOOOD XD Reminiscing and looking at the photos from last year makes me miss my long hair. Patience, patience. I'm obsessed with cutting split ends. They are evil and they must perish! Did a search and destroy yesterday and I found about 5 (I'm sure it was 5 or around that number) so I'm happy with my hairs health! My hair saviour has to be coconut oil! It nurtures and seals; especially my ends (they're dry naturally.. sigh the downfall of having curly hair). I've been taking hair, skin & nail vitamins but I can't stand the taste and the size. I prefer taking biotin so I'll probably go back to taking that if I can get my hands on another bottle.  Hoping to get waist length by my 21st birthday! (October 7th) Well enough rambling, catch you guys later :)

Before the big chop..
^__^ in Australia~ do you like my outfit?

Rebekah!~ image

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