Saturday, 2 February 2013

Kpop fans?

Any Kpop fans out there?

I'm an admin of some facebook groups and I would appreciate if you would like it ^^ we are building up our fanbase and it would help heaps :)

Bring Girls Generation (SNSD) to New Zealand

My favourite pairing - YoonTae ^^
Bias - YoonA & Taeyeon! 
Fav songs - Echo, Complete, Lazy Girl & moreeee~

Bring B.A.P (Best.Absolute.Perfect) to New Zealand

My bias is Himchan!
My fav songs are Rain Sound and No Mercy!

Awww so cute :3

Bias: Hyosung!
My fav songs are Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight!

extra: if you have tumblr feel free to check out my kpop blog here~

Happy February guys! 

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