Monday, 25 February 2013

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Liquid Chalk Markers ☆ Study Aid! + language learning tips

Liquid Chalk Markers from DAISO and Jumbo Chalk Marker from Smiggle

From DAISO you can get 3 items for $10 or 1 for $3.50. I forgot how much the jumbo chalk marker is.. I think its about $10. I love these markers! You can write on your mirror or window and you can just wipe it off! I was at the DAISO store on Queen Street and it caught my eye. I was thinking that it would be great for practicing and learning Japanese. And boy it was so helpful! When learning another language you definitely need to put in the time and effort. Repeatedly writing out the alphabet aided me in memorizing. Also if you get at least two colours you can colour-code it or do it however you want.

My window with Hiragana.. I miss Jap class! TT.TT Sensei.. 

What I found the markers good for:

  • Learning another language e.g - practicing and learning Hiragana
  • Reminders: Birthdays, Appointments, etc
  • Writing something positive on your window e.g - Positive affirmation, fav quote, lyrics
  • Drawing~
  • To-do list, shopping list 
  • Creating a mural (take a photo before it goes!)
  • And any other uses I may of forgotten lol..

Hiragana Playing Cards from DAISO
EXTRA: I was studying Japanese in semester 1 of last year; these cards are a great help ^^ Play games like memory, snap, go fish, last card, etc or create your own flash cards. I also created cards and colour co-ordinated it for example the first line would be pink, second - blue and so on. Put them in random spots in the house and memorize :3 Remember practice, practice, practice~ Repetition! ^^ I wish you all the best with your studies and future endeavors~! You can do it ;D Uni uni uni monday monday monday... Sigh :P


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