Thursday, 28 March 2013


Minho TTBY Poster - $3
B.A.P - One Shot Album - $12
Note and B.A.P Cards (free gift) ^__^

B.A.P - One Shot Album - $12 (I only bought one btw xD)
You're Beautiful (Kdrama) $6
Secret Garden (Kdrama) $6

I purchased the goodies above from ^__^~
I highly recommend her~ Shes currently having a Kpop sale so check it out!
My first Kpop album ever... TT__TT
Thank you! Teehee and post was spot on. 

These posters are from ebay for $19.80 ^__^~ You can see that it was carefully packaged and postage was fast.
I bought these because I want to hold a giveaway on my facebook page and possibly tumblr

image Last post for March guys! Maybe~ baha, much love image

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bubble Tea 1st Time :)

My Chicken Fried Rice & Chocolate Bubble Tea
My first time. ME LIKEY!~
My verdict - I enjoyed it! Its definitely different from a milkshake, I think its more healthier haha. The 'bubbles' are different from anything I've ever tried. I prefer 'jelly drinks' like Mogu Mogu! and Aloe Vera. Those are my favourites! and of course I LOVE fried rice!

Mogu Mogu~ 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Back to Uni! Study Tips

Now that I'm back at University~ I thought I'd write some tips for settling back into school 

image Get into a regular sleep routine: Make sure you get enough sleep! Wake up early
image Organize your timetable: All classes, study time, social life, etc~ Being organized is very important! Time management is essential
image Write a to-do and goals list. Prioritize
image Attend all your classes if possible! If not make sure you get the notes from the classes you missed or the lecture recordings
image If something comes up like an unexpected illness or a funeral inform the University right away
image Have a map handy on you! 
image Take advantage of all the support and help you can get; e.g free workshops, tuakana, mentors
image Pack a lunch or buy some food, drink water. You don't want your stomach rumbling in class teehee
image Join some clubs if you'd like to! 
image Have some places to study like the library, commons room or at home. Make a study group with classmates
image Have a clean room~
image Don't leave anything last minute, keep up to date with all your work, assignments, homework
image Buy your textbooks before the semester starts
image Don't miss any of your exams! Write down these dates in your diary, calender 
image Check the noticeboards: You might find something that interests you! e.g cheap textbooks, study partner, boarding home
image Apply for your student loan/allowance earlier~ It can take a while to process and you don't want to worry about that while you're studying
image Don't be afraid to ask questions~
image Motivate yourself. I always have my MP4 player with me. Music keeps me going!


That about sums up everything I can think of at the moment~ I'll add more if theres anything else. Don't give up and do your best!  image Oh and if you're wondering; I'm studying for my Bachelor of Arts and majoring in Criminology. I really want to do languages as well so I'll have to wait & see. What are you studying? 

Monday, 18 March 2013

10 Ebay Buys: All Under $20~!

Hello everyone! I wanted to update my blog so heres a post on some cheap buys I've found on ebay. Arrrgh I don't feel like going to Uni today its only one lecture at 2-3 >.<.. But ciao ciao ciao~ 

Note: All prices are shown in US unless otherwise stated

Geometric Triangle Necklace - $2.89
One Piece Chopper Hat! - $12.05
Double Layer Chiffon Maxi Skirt - $7.90 (I bought the blue one~ Its nice and stretchy, but the material is fragile. I ripped mine muahaha)
Crochet Tassel Vest - AU$6.57 (Crochet is so pretty~)

Crochet Slip Ons from Ebay - $10.99US not including shipping. >.< I had to put this in though I love these shoes!
Peterpan Glitter Collar Peplum Top in Khaki - $9.99 + $1.99 for shipping
SKIN79 BB Cream - $12.45 
Rilakkuma Iron On Transfer - $2.50 (I love Rila! Had to include him somewhere~)
Wallet/Pouch/Phone Holder - $7.17 - Free Shipping

Knitted Colorful Crystal Pattern Leggings - $2.99 + $1.59


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