Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hair Inspiration & hmm fringe or no fringe..

I don't know why but I want to try out a fringe! I'll be cutting it myself and I'm no pro/expert so I am kinda worried. I've watched a few tutorials on youtube but still feel a bit nervous. I feel like a new look~ And I need something to distract me from trimming my ends haha I am so obsessed with checking for split ends. I hate them so much~! >.< Every time I find one I hold it out and get the scissors and give it the cut muahahaha. Heres some hair inspiration.. Note: I'm not sure if I'll suit the straight bangs, I might try and attempt side swept bangs. Hmmm we'll see what happens I may not go through with this.. The other day I accidentally cut halfway up my hair -.- Be careful with scissors, I tend to be very scissor happy. There was a time when I was addicted to trimming my hair XD And this one time I tried cutting myself a fringe and oh my gosh I cut it way too short I always pinned it up with bobby pins.. Memories ahhhh. Well heres some hair inspiration pics! Note: I notice that people in other countries say bangs. I've never heard anyone say that here ever XD What do you call it?


7/15 portraits of jessica jung
Jessica from SNSD/Girls' Generation - I imagined my hair like this except instead of waves it'll be curls and my hair is shorter because I cut it. But I like how effortless and soft this looks. I think the hair maestro of SNSD is Sunny~ Long hair, short hair, hair all colours of the rainbow; that girl can pull off anything!
I want my hair like this again ^__^ A long time ago when I didn't have a straightener, I used to iron my hair (yes iron o.O) which is extremely damaging! Don't ever use the iron and before using any heat on your hair use heat protectant. I used to straighten my hair because I felt more prettier.. Silly huh? But I grew to love my curls, I'm so glad! I hardly ever straighten my hair anymore. I hope to get this length by my 21st birthday~ (October this year) P.S The ombre looks really nice! I tried ombre last year and I wouldn't do it again.. It was cool I suppose but it damaged my ends severely and I had to cut a lot off. I might write a post on this.. Just a bit of warning to others~ I know how when you cut your hair theres always a time when you miss it.. That always happens. Don't laugh but when all that length was gone it somewhat felt freeing but I felt less prettier. Its weird.. But I'm all good now 

Patience is a virtue. For those of you who are also growing their hair out I am with you :)

Most attractive member of 2NE1 → Bom requested by sche1sse
Park Bom from 2NE1 - I love Boms hair! Its so pretty & stylish~ She suits the bangs so well, my fav style has to be the middle photo and the first pic on the 3rd row (same style)

I'm not brave enough to cut my hair this short.. I did a few years ago and I wasn't that happy because my hair is naturally curly I felt like it was 'poofy'. The hairdresser I had wasn't very good or helpful and didn't communicate with me well. I never want to experience that again >.< I think this hairstyle makes her look much younger and is more innocent and cuter looking
Flowers in her haaaaair~ I've always loved flowers in hair.. Its seems so pretty and serene..
Hmm I think thats enough for now :P
If I find more hair pics I'll do another post as for now
Run run my followers! Run into the sunset~!


EDIT: I just cut my fringe. Ehehe. I'm happy with it~ So I'm gonna post this now. Yee-haw! Goodnight people


Thank you for checking out my blog~! ^^ I really appreciate it ♥


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