Thursday, 28 March 2013


Minho TTBY Poster - $3
B.A.P - One Shot Album - $12
Note and B.A.P Cards (free gift) ^__^

B.A.P - One Shot Album - $12 (I only bought one btw xD)
You're Beautiful (Kdrama) $6
Secret Garden (Kdrama) $6

I purchased the goodies above from ^__^~
I highly recommend her~ Shes currently having a Kpop sale so check it out!
My first Kpop album ever... TT__TT
Thank you! Teehee and post was spot on. 

These posters are from ebay for $19.80 ^__^~ You can see that it was carefully packaged and postage was fast.
I bought these because I want to hold a giveaway on my facebook page and possibly tumblr

image Last post for March guys! Maybe~ baha, much love image


  1. Ahh minho is so cute! I remember I was so into my kpop phase three years ago. I think my first kpop album was by Big Bang or DBSK. Oh and the kdramas you bought are the best!

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay GIveaway

    1. IKR! ^.^ teehee. Ohhh really? Do you still listen to kpop? Awesome, I haven't seen them yet (:

  2. Really amazing and lucky big time.


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