Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a celebration of Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year~ Its held every year at Albert Park over 3 days, Friday (The Opening), Saturday & Sunday (The Closing with fireworks). I went on Friday and went past on Sunday lol. It was so packed in town! First we went through the side street where the University is and passed all the food stalls. Delicious! I really wanted to get a watermelon icecream or pineapple icecream! My favourite! I don't have a photo but Pasifika is coming up & I'll definitely get it there. Something I've always admired about the Chinese is their food! Especially fried rice, I love fried rice. I have a tad-bit of Chinese in me through my mothers side. I wish I could speak Mandarin or Cantonese >.< Okay sorry rambling; overall I really enjoyed the fest~ The lights, food, displays, people, atmosphere, walk was awesome. Here are some pictures!~ (I'll have more to add when I edit.. so check back soon)

Look at the balloons~! I wanted one but they were selling them for $15 each and that is just pricey :P
I try to go every year but last year I didn't end up going ;__; I just love the displays, lights, food, stalls & the atmosphere. So many people go and for me, I feel that this year was the best. I forgot to mention there was performances and I didn't watch any however I did see for a while when I could see the performers. There was so many people and it was very crowded. A whole lot of walking was done that day and night and when I got home I had very sore feet. A tip for any of you going to any upcoming events wear comfortable shoes!

This display might be my favourite! It was really cute and it has food. I love food eheheh. Look at the cat! (If its not a cat.. then I fail.. miserably..)

This is a 'red packet' or 'red pocket' Surprisingly they had a Lotto stall there and I bought myself some scratchies and lotto tickets. Sadly I didn't win the Lotto and I only won $3 from one scratchy kekeke I got trolled. BUT I do love the packet! Isn't it pretty? Hey I can call it limited edition because they won't have them anymore.. lol.

Monkeys! I love Mondays! I mean Monkeys. I like this typo so I'm gonna leave it ;D My chinese zodiac sign is the Monkey~ Woohoo! Google chinese zodiac if you want to find out yours :)

I feel kinda rude for taking this photo with them unknowingly but I just wanted a picture of the Panda head! My apologies.

I didn't read the information about this display; soz! If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. Those must be rabbits though.. 

Rooster~ I have one friend that I know is a Rooster~ 

One of the many stalls there. I love those hats! I remember buying them at the last festival~ They also sold hats, lights, little drums, fans, etc

asia:nz foundation sign

This Dog.. Hes.. so.. adorable!

The Dragons!~ WeeeeeEeeE
Hope you all enjoy this post! I'll try to keep my blog updated as I start at a new Uni on Monday >.< Happy Chinese New Year & Lunar New Year~ Chow!



  1. Really really amazing cute cool sweet. I love how fun and cute everything look's. I wish I could go there.

    1. Thanks Sam, it was awesome~! Wish you could come visit


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