Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink Paradise~

Colour Collection: PiNKimage
random things I found here & there that are pink-related

image Tiffany from SNSD's favourite colour is Pink! She is obsessed ^__^ Pink Samsung Galaxy S3! #want and I also love that pink coat shes wearing~
image A-Skipped A Beat Heart Jumper - dotti
image Neon Sugar Skull Scarf in cream/pink ~>
image China Glaze Ombre Sweet Sensations~ I do love ombre when it looks good that is. Sometimes it can be too much
image Zelo! (B.A.P) Pink Hair <3
image Pink Chucks~
Pink Roses White Headband Flower Crown
image Pink Roses Headband! from here

Lack of posts. I've been so busy with uni~ so cray cray! Do you guys prefer the pictures large or small? what size do you like? Whats your fav colour? Hope you're all well


  1. Pretty pink :) Love that heart sweater!
    Hope you have a great day!



    1. Me too! I want a sweater like that
      Thanks Kelly
      I hope you do too :) YAY~


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