Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wallet Update~

Heres my wallet update. I love wallets! Sadly my wallet got stolen a few weeks back with all my cards in it :( and money. But I'm over that now and currently I use my phone case as a wallet. I'll probably get a new wallet soon from Strandbags~

Top is my mums wallet~ I chose that one for her.
Bottom: I specifically looked for a wallet with heaps of card slots and space~

Receipt & Strandbags card

Bluebird Brand. I highly recommend this brand and store~ The details and craftsmanship is remarkable!

The inside~


Bluebird brand as well~ 
I'll work on getting all my cards replaced soon~ and then I'll update you all soon. I have one week off Uni phew. 3 essays due. Don't procrastinate JUST DO IT!

sorry Nike.. It just fit the part. Don't sue me lol

Friday, 5 April 2013

Typo Haul ☆ + others

Top: Penelope ~ I hope thats her name! LOL from Wreck it Ralph
Cards from Typo ($1 ea) and the Pink Folders (x5) underneath - $3 I think

SNOOPY CUP! My fav! $5 from Typo~
Stickers, cards~

I won Penelope from the lil arcade at the movies! Woohoo. I think I'm addicted to UFO catchers! Well.. I am. LOL..

Panda Sticky Notes from Kmart - $2
'K' cup - $3 Typo
I really like my nails.. 

Strandbags receipt and card~ (my next post)
Typo bags
Check out these puppies! <3

Stickers - $2~

Thats the jest of it. 
I apologize for my laziness D:
My next post is going to be a wallet update! And sadly my wallet was stolen last night. All my cards, photos and money gone. Bad timing because I withdrew my moolah just before it was gone. Sigh.. Just have to get on with it and start over. CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IMMEDIATELY! image


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