Thursday, 9 May 2013

HAUL: the usual kawaii goodness

The goodies from the day~
$5 - Phone Case :D 

Pore Care Pack (DAISO) - 3 items for $10
Back of the box ^__^ comes with 4 pieces. 
Cleansing Foam! I just love the colour, design and packaging its so cute!

Back of the bottle

with flash~ (DAISO) - 3 for $10

Mashimaro Charm! Chain. $3 on special @ Gifts Galore!
CD case from Gifts Galore - $3. Couldn't resist I love dogs! And I wanted a CD case

weeehoo! I'm so addicted to kawaii things. Can't help myself! ^__^ by the way just wondering. Do you guys prefer posts with larger pictures or is this size fine? Let me know your thoughts 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

v(●^v^●)v★ LATELY : Happy Birthday, Dennys WOOOO (●ゝ∀・●)♪♪

Surf N' Turf!
Bread & Butter Pudding
Otakus for liiiiiiiiifeeeeeee
Hana the Birthday girl, Hash & Me~ Roskill Buddies!
The two birthday girls - Hana & Kowhai, Hash & Me. PEACE!!

Anything to entertain myself while waiting for the food XD

Happy Birthday girls! ^__^ p.s Kowhai turned 21, not 20 :P

I wanted to update my blog.. Sorry for neglecting you <3

LOL! Anyways lately it was some close friends birthdays and we celebrated at Dennys, karaoke and some clubs. I ordered the most XD Surf n Turf (well done) & 2 desserts - Hot Fudge Cake and Bread and Butter Pudding. Hot Fudge Cake was definitely better sorry Bread and Butter. Sang Happy Birthday 3 times there as well it was pretty funny..What a great night!  The karaoke bar is awesome! You get your own private room and for 5 of us it was just $7.50 for one hour. 3 mircophones, 2 lightup flashing tambourines, air con, flashing lights = FUN! Definitely going back there. Plus they have a large range of music including kpop muahaha <3 and jpop!~ Only bad thing that happened was that I lost my glasses. OH BOY. I have no idea whats going on but lately I've been having bad luck with my belongings. Hope this is the end of it lol. Also I forgot to mention the theme of the birthday party was 'Shimmer and Shine' and we weren't allowed to wear black but the black dress was all I had :P And I thought I'd follow the theme with the tiara and bracelet.

Me and Tibbers Jnr! Or Galen lol 
This is my friends teddy bear. It was so awesome hanging out with him and dancing at the clubs.
Thank you Tibbers Jnr. I miss you 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I have instagram now! ^__^

So I joined the instagram train. Choo choo lol. Follow me at bkahg ^__^
Heres some pics! I also got a haircut. I absolutely loathe split ends and yes I miss my long hair but long hair, short hair - you look beautiful regardless.

Are you on instagram? Whats your username? :) What do you mainly post?


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