Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gifts Galore Haul~

Gifts Galore is a cute lil store in Mid City Centre filled with kpop goodness, kawaii plushies/figurines, accessories, stationery, etc! Heres what I bought from them on my last visit 
~> Gifts Galore Business Card
~> SNSD Wristband
~> Spend more than $20 and get a stamp! 5 gets you a free gift valued at $10 and ten gets you a free gift valued at $20
AHHH B.A.P they're my fav kpop group everrrrr. So I just had to buy it eeeek. Its a folder pocket.
The book is really cute its a 'Lonely Polar Bear' TT__TT 
I always wanted something with Rilakkuma on my wall :3 so I bought this and its like a giant letter set, comes with envelopes and stickers~ And rainbow folding star paper! Awesome a nice time filler especially when you're stuck in hospital or something.

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  1. aw, so cute! I love rilakkuma! I go to the little gift shop in my town at least once a month! You got some really cute stuff! <3

    Much love,


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