Monday, 28 October 2013

Decorating my headphones!~ kawaii style? (◕‿◕✿)

So I bought these new headphones from Kmart for $12 and it looked plain so I decided to jazz it up a bit! Kekeke. Simply use your stickers & faux jewels~! You can get them at any dollar store or crafts store. They kind of look like beats by dre! Someone even asked me hehe. I wish they were :P They also come in other colours like black, pink.. And they are foldable which I found different. The sound quality is good, I do wish it had more of a dynamic bass. But for the price this is worth it. I've dropped it a few times & its survived so it passes the drop test keke! 

Left Side - Bunny ^__^

Right Side - Teddy Bear
Woooo gotta love decorating ^.^
Close ups :3 
Which do you like better? The teddy or bunny? 
I'm starting to get back into updating my blog posts~ Hope to start streaming soon. Although I'll need a new pc haha. Ciao~

Saturday, 19 October 2013

SweetDreamsPrincess Review~


Grab Bag-Kawaii Hair Bows-Only 1 Bag Left
^^ You see that blue glitter bow with the pink and white trim, purple center with a diamond? I got that one! Its my favourite~ I also got other cute goodies too~ HK bows, mini bows :3

SweetDreamsPrincess is a store on Etsy owned by Mesha that sells clothing, kawaii accesories such as bows, earrings, etc~! I've ordered twice from her and shes so friendly & nice! ^__^ Plus each time she gave me freebies :O So sweet of her! My first purchase was a Grab Bag of Kawaii Hair Bows~ ($5us) which I thought was cheap because its high quality and it came in this cute little pink bag :3 My second purchase was Pink And Green Crazy Keroppi Dangle Hook Earrings & Pink And Blue Crazy Keroppi Dangle Hook Earrings. The Green ones are one of my favourite earrings. I've never seen anyone with it before and I love being different, like no one else has my exact t shirt, etc you get what I mean? Anyways this store is definitely worth checking out~! ^__^

Tragic I know.. But hey look at the earrings! Super-kawaii~


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Purple Haze~

image Colour Collection PURPLE Edition~
all the purple you desire?

image SNSD's Jessica & YoonA~ gaaah I'm sorry. No source I forgot to get the link >.<
Lavender Products
image Lavenders! Photo from Lavendyl Lavender Farm and Dylan's Country Cottages in Kaikoura

imageMoonlight Printed Singlet Mini Dress - Supre`

image Purple M&M's. Weird I don't recall ever seeing any purple ones in my life. Haha~

image I don't know much about this band at all but hey its called ''Deep Purple'' so why not :D

image Wild Pair/Lippy: Para Dress - I love the buttons and the back detailing!!

purple hinata hyuga
image This anime character just reminds me of purple! Hinata Hyuga~

image Lavender Town! Nostalgia~ Apparently theres Lavender Town Syndrome :O

image UBE CAKE (also known as purple cake) This is one of the best cakes EVER. If you haven't tried this you MUST try it now!!

And thats it for PURPLE guys~ Hope you enjoyed this post! 
What colour should I do next? Hmmmm.. 


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