Monday, 28 October 2013

Decorating my headphones!~ kawaii style? (◕‿◕✿)

So I bought these new headphones from Kmart for $12 and it looked plain so I decided to jazz it up a bit! Kekeke. Simply use your stickers & faux jewels~! You can get them at any dollar store or crafts store. They kind of look like beats by dre! Someone even asked me hehe. I wish they were :P They also come in other colours like black, pink.. And they are foldable which I found different. The sound quality is good, I do wish it had more of a dynamic bass. But for the price this is worth it. I've dropped it a few times & its survived so it passes the drop test keke! 

Left Side - Bunny ^__^

Right Side - Teddy Bear
Woooo gotta love decorating ^.^
Close ups :3 
Which do you like better? The teddy or bunny? 
I'm starting to get back into updating my blog posts~ Hope to start streaming soon. Although I'll need a new pc haha. Ciao~

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