Thursday, 10 October 2013

Purple Haze~

image Colour Collection PURPLE Edition~
all the purple you desire?

image SNSD's Jessica & YoonA~ gaaah I'm sorry. No source I forgot to get the link >.<
Lavender Products
image Lavenders! Photo from Lavendyl Lavender Farm and Dylan's Country Cottages in Kaikoura

imageMoonlight Printed Singlet Mini Dress - Supre`

image Purple M&M's. Weird I don't recall ever seeing any purple ones in my life. Haha~

image I don't know much about this band at all but hey its called ''Deep Purple'' so why not :D

image Wild Pair/Lippy: Para Dress - I love the buttons and the back detailing!!

purple hinata hyuga
image This anime character just reminds me of purple! Hinata Hyuga~

image Lavender Town! Nostalgia~ Apparently theres Lavender Town Syndrome :O

image UBE CAKE (also known as purple cake) This is one of the best cakes EVER. If you haven't tried this you MUST try it now!!

And thats it for PURPLE guys~ Hope you enjoyed this post! 
What colour should I do next? Hmmmm.. 

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