Saturday, 19 October 2013

SweetDreamsPrincess Review~


Grab Bag-Kawaii Hair Bows-Only 1 Bag Left
^^ You see that blue glitter bow with the pink and white trim, purple center with a diamond? I got that one! Its my favourite~ I also got other cute goodies too~ HK bows, mini bows :3

SweetDreamsPrincess is a store on Etsy owned by Mesha that sells clothing, kawaii accesories such as bows, earrings, etc~! I've ordered twice from her and shes so friendly & nice! ^__^ Plus each time she gave me freebies :O So sweet of her! My first purchase was a Grab Bag of Kawaii Hair Bows~ ($5us) which I thought was cheap because its high quality and it came in this cute little pink bag :3 My second purchase was Pink And Green Crazy Keroppi Dangle Hook Earrings & Pink And Blue Crazy Keroppi Dangle Hook Earrings. The Green ones are one of my favourite earrings. I've never seen anyone with it before and I love being different, like no one else has my exact t shirt, etc you get what I mean? Anyways this store is definitely worth checking out~! ^__^

Tragic I know.. But hey look at the earrings! Super-kawaii~


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