Saturday, 30 November 2013

#BLACKFRIDAY SALES! = coupon codes, online shopping, cyber monday!

 With all the shopping sales and madness I thought it would be cool to create a blogpost with all these sales I've seeing on all the social networks~! so check out below to see if theres something you may like! *also a note: please remember to be kind and courteous to workers at the stores, I know it can be really frustrating and crowded but they do their best (most of them) and they're only human like us. We all make mistakes right? And it can be stressful for us all. So keep the peace <3

*extra note: all these codes will expire fast! So use them now~ swiftly~! I apologize if some of the sales have already ended ;__; 

ToFebruary is having a 20% off sale everything! STOREWIDE. They sell Kpop inspired clothing, cute accessories, jewellery, etc!

ReplayReplayApparel - sell awesome kpop related merch!! Code: BLAQFRIDAY + free decal and write down which one you want in special  instructions~

HBunnieCreations: Customized bracelets, necklaces~ all colours!! gold, silver, charms, bows so pretty~! code: BLESSED for 30% off also her new website is coming out soon! 

Minion beanie size-adult
SimmeringSensations: Crochet goods! Minion hats, Pokemon, Bookmarks! Super affordable and shes super nice~ code: BLACKFRIDAY2013 for 50% off! YAY~~

SquareEnix store has a sale too! Y'know Final Fantasy, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, etc :D

Sophie & Toffee: all your decoden needs/supplies, kawaii cabochons, etc! Code: BLACKFRIDAY18

Coastal Scents: Makeup, Brushes, Cosmetics! 50% off everything!

Sloane Ranger: Tote bags, comfy casual clothing, favs! Free cosmetic case set + free shipping with $50 purchase with code: BLACKFRIDAY50. Free signature t shirt + free shipping with $100 purchase code: BLACKFRIDAY100

StrawberryWhip: Decoden phone cases, kawaii cabochons, etc :D 50% off entire purchase! Code: BLACKFRIDAY01

GeekStarCostuming: All your otaku/nerdy loves! 10% anything with code: SHOPSMALL

DreamyCraftShop: Lovely decoden~ naaaw look at this case! Its adorable :) use code: DREAMYFRIDAY to get 25% off on all orders of $10 or more

Kumiko Decoden: Check out this awesome Big Bang case! I wish it was for the samsung s3.. I would of so snatched it up. Kekeke anyways enter code: Thanksgiving for 40% off! new code for 30% off: kumiko30

Loungefly! Get your Hello Kitty fix~ wallets, bags! Get 25% off ALL products + FREE shipping with coupon code LFSTYLE and to celebrate Cyber Monday, Loungefly is also giving you 25% off + FREE SHIPPING + a surprise gift when you spend over $25.

Eternal Rival Clothing: Street Fighter tees, gaming tees~ Black Friday Sale! Now until Cyber Monday. All shirts $13.99 or less, and Hats $17.99 or less.

Kawaii Powerup~ gaming cabochons, sailor moon cabs, angel wings, hair accessories, KAWAII! ^__^ code: THANKFUL25

Comic necklace
Loubylashes: Comic book goodies! Necklaces, etc :D SUPERRR~ 25% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13 (until midnight 30 November) Kapow!

OASAP: clothing, shoes, sweaters, etc :D 31% OFF with code: CYBER-MONDAY! also code: BLACKFRIDAY should still work 

Bity Kity Deco: Ahhh whipped cream cases! Great piping.. looks so delicious nom nom! code: BlackKitty for 35% off!

Storenvy: Black Friday sale~ through to Cyber Monday!

StayFreshKpopLove: Awesome kpop shirts! Use the code: BLKFRI25OFF for 25% off all items! WOOHOO~


Über K-Pop Designs: Kpop apparel! 2NE1, B.A.P, CL etc~! code: BLACK13 for use before Sun 1st Dec and code: CYBER13 for use after that date~!

 in color light tones
emcosmetics: Michelle Phans cosmetic line! I've never tried any of her products but this is one that I'd love to check out~ spend $30, get $10 off. spend $50, get $20 off. spend $100, get $50 off. offer ends 12/1/13 at 11:59 pm est.

may add more as I find! hope you enjoy! :D HAPPY HOLIDAYS! add your sales/shopping finds :)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Haul + KBBQ + Panda Kigurumi/Onesie ●ᴥ●

image Cute mirrors I got from a Korean dollar store~ ^^
image Cheap nail polishes from Kmart. Very very bad LOL I think its for little girls as the formula is very watery and smells like finger paint. Also it comes off as very very opaque/clear. $2 each though which is cheap BUT I'll never use it ever again.. I need to give it away to a girl :D

KOREAN BBQ (buffet)

image DELICIOUS. My stomach is rumbling as I'm typing this.. Ahhh. The price was reasonable too, if I remember correctly I think it was around $24 p/p~ Plus all you can eat! It was fun cooking lol. Lots of side dishes to choose from too, rice, vegetables and theres fish, chicken, steak, etc! Only downside was the smoke.. It kept making my eyes watery and I needed fresh air outside.. There was no hood above the bbqs.. now let me find the name of the restaurant keke.. WOAH actually its $19 p/p! HAHA :D soo cheap for buffet especially. DAEBAK Restaurant : 407 Queen Street (near the top of the hill)


source: here
I bought this kigurumi from trademe for around $45 including shipping. I wouldn't buy it again at that price as it wasn't brand new and its slightly too short than how I would like it to be. Also I don't think the quality is like those that I've seen on the Kigurumi Shop (Official SAZAC Kigurumi) Regardless I still love it~! Pandas are one of my favourite animals. I have yet to meet one, I'd love to meet them in their natural habitat and interact with them. Although of course I'm not allowed to.. I wish I was a Panda researcher. I might do a post on all the Pandarific things I've been doing lately/making.. Teehee.

Source: here

Saturday, 9 November 2013

LIZ LISA bag~ (o⌒.⌒o)

final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif Lately I have been browsing the buy & sell groups a lot on facebook >.< Trying to find deals and what not! Anyways I found someone who was selling really nice clothes, accessories and jewellery! And she was selling this Liz Lisa bag for S10!!! I absolutely LOVE it. Especially the detailing, the strap, the overall look, the inside <3333 its perfection with all its cuteness. Now enjoy the picspam and I apologize for my lack of quality pictures. Oh and the colour is neutral so its very adaptable and can go with pretty much anything, give or take~ I hope to find more bargains like this in the future~! 

I love the stitching and embroidery.. Its so pretty.  final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif

final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif It has this cute heart charm attached~!

Showing the strap in action. Excuse le mess kekee final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif

final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif Braided strap/handle

The back final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif

final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif The inside! Has a zip on one side and a two compartments on the other side

Liz Lisa <3 final fantasy gif photo: moogle gif FF6.gif
if you have any questions just let me know hehe! 


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