Sunday, 3 November 2013

HALLOWEEN IDEAS.. Minions, gaming, etc? WOOOOOO.

OUCH..!! Really need to go hospital.. To distract me from the pain I decided to make a blog post ^^ Well not long to go til Halloween! For those of you that celebrate I thought it would be cool to post some ideas I thought would be great ;D and these are ideas/cosplays that I would do and some are ones I've always wanted to do. Maybe I'll do a tutorial of my own someday.. although would need something better than this potato. Lol~!! Who are you dressing up as? Anyone going trick or treatin'? I definitely won't be but I should get lollies for any kids who may stop by. Happy holidays everyone and take care~ 

My favourite costume idea.. has to be..


You'll need overalls, boots, goggles, purple facepaint/makeup/eyeshadows, purple nail polish, purple skivvy/long sleeve, purple stockings/tights (if wearing short overalls) & gloves! Also messy hair~ 

image and of course. MINIONS! :3 why do I prefer the purple? Because for me it would be much easier to do! haha~ I also found some readymade costumes you could buy here & here. Search up tutorials on youtube, I've watched a few really good ones! 

image Okay so I started playing this game this year.. Yup you guessed it. League of Legends or "LoL" If I would cosplay as any champion it would probably have to be either Annie or Teemo! Haha. Main reason is because I would feel most comfortable in their attire and its not too revealing compared to other champs. Woah~ I did buy a Teemo hat from ebay which was cheap and since I don't have a sewing machine, I was planning on buying cosplays but dang they are so expensive and sizes are limited most of the time.. Plus I would probably tear the material LOOOOOOOOLOLOL. Then I thought oh maybe I could cosplay as Panda Teemo! Since I already have a panda onesie~ But armaggeddon has now finished so I can always go next year when I'm more prepared. Need to get that bamboo ready! HA YAAAAA~ shrooms.

Please don't hate me xD
And my Tibbers could be my cousin. Kekeke! and if that doesn't work out a giant teddy bear. Not pedo bear.. OOOOHH GIANT RILA OR KORILAKKUMA, yup!
image I FORGOT ABOUT AKALI. Okay so Akali is one of my fav champs. I find her very fun to use, plus I like her design, her passive is gooood and shes a ninja! ^__^ But.. I wouldn't cosplay as her normal costume. Haha again a lot of the female champions are wayyyy too revealing! -.- But I do like the Blood Moon and Silver Fang skin! (Kakashi anyone?) 


image I have not seen this anime yet! :O But theres so much hype about it.. And lately there has been tonnes of cosplayers dressing up as characters. This of course is Attack on Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin. I'm waiting til I get a new HD so I can watch itttttt. 

image and then of course theres my fav Vivi from FFIX~! Hes sooo awesome <3 He would be so fun to cosplay as~ or you could be a moogle! Or a Cactuar! Tonberry! :)

Well. I posted this just after Halloween haha (fail~) but anyways this could be an idea for your next con visit or cosplay picnic~ CHEERS!

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