Saturday, 16 November 2013

Haul + KBBQ + Panda Kigurumi/Onesie ●ᴥ●

image Cute mirrors I got from a Korean dollar store~ ^^
image Cheap nail polishes from Kmart. Very very bad LOL I think its for little girls as the formula is very watery and smells like finger paint. Also it comes off as very very opaque/clear. $2 each though which is cheap BUT I'll never use it ever again.. I need to give it away to a girl :D

KOREAN BBQ (buffet)

image DELICIOUS. My stomach is rumbling as I'm typing this.. Ahhh. The price was reasonable too, if I remember correctly I think it was around $24 p/p~ Plus all you can eat! It was fun cooking lol. Lots of side dishes to choose from too, rice, vegetables and theres fish, chicken, steak, etc! Only downside was the smoke.. It kept making my eyes watery and I needed fresh air outside.. There was no hood above the bbqs.. now let me find the name of the restaurant keke.. WOAH actually its $19 p/p! HAHA :D soo cheap for buffet especially. DAEBAK Restaurant : 407 Queen Street (near the top of the hill)


source: here
I bought this kigurumi from trademe for around $45 including shipping. I wouldn't buy it again at that price as it wasn't brand new and its slightly too short than how I would like it to be. Also I don't think the quality is like those that I've seen on the Kigurumi Shop (Official SAZAC Kigurumi) Regardless I still love it~! Pandas are one of my favourite animals. I have yet to meet one, I'd love to meet them in their natural habitat and interact with them. Although of course I'm not allowed to.. I wish I was a Panda researcher. I might do a post on all the Pandarific things I've been doing lately/making.. Teehee.

Source: here


  1. Wow amazing cute kawaii stuff lucky.

    1. Thanks Sammy. Will be getting everything ready asap to send over to you. Hope you're well <3


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