Sunday, 15 December 2013

MimiPetit ❥(decoden, blingbling phone cases) REVIEW

Details: MimiPetit is a cute decoden store owned by Emily whos super nice & friendly~

I originally wanted a custom case but when I saw this case I couldn't refuse! I love how luxurious and decadent it looks~ 

Here is the case! WAAA LAAA!!

And as I often do I usually decorate my things.. so I painted over some of the flowers and underneath teehee! Gah. Can't find the photos I had -.-... 

Very happy with my case! Gotten lots of feedback and compliments about it too~

Overall thoughts: Purchasing from MimiPetit has been such a pleasure!
The owner is super friendly and really wanted to cater to my needs. IMO the price is really good considering how high decoden makers usually charge. Theres a large range of cabochons and themes to choose from so you can customize to your personal preference.

Here are some of my favourite cases from MimiPetit!

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