Monday, 26 May 2014

Health Seminar - Vegetarian/Vegan Food

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Hey guys.
I know its been a while.. or a long time! 
Hope you're all well. Anyways I wanted to update my blog.. this post is long overdue XD
This was last year or the year before at a health seminar held by the SDARM church. THE FOOD WAS ALL DELICIOUSSS ugggh. I want to be a vegetarian eventually. Its a journey~ I thought okay a Panda doesn't eat meat so I don't need to do I? ^^ I think its much more healthier and will be good for me. For those of you that know I have SLE + arthritis and I have been researching remedies~ and diet change is one of them.. I guess the best way for me would be to decrease slowlyyy and then keep progressing :D 


fake meat.. I think thats what it was called.. or vegetarian steak? it was so delicious. I wanted more XD now I can easily get off meat if I have this!! haha. Although to be honest the cooking process seemed a bit complicated.. in time it becomes simple I guess.

raspberry cheesecake. yummmy!

This was for the cheesecake~ 

natural egg replacer~ used for cakes, desserts, etc

used to make the fake meat~ 

tabouli salad. simple and easy to make~ add heaps of avocadoooo mmmm. the main ingredient is bulgur wheat

Health books

more health books, leaflets~

pages from this huge book below~ full of natural remedies.. alternatives to medication.

buhbye kupo~

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